It's the eve of the millennium.
Technology has advanced further beyond allowing you to take a breathtaking journey into the future.
Are you ready for the most thrilling ride one can possibly imagine?

HPSXRP is a Render Pipeline for Unity built by @pastasfuture. It aims to replicate faithfully the visuals of the original Playstation, while having modern features, giving everyone the flexibility to create immense worlds without the short comings of other solutions.

Future Reality is project made by Modus Interactive, Neurobew and Pastasfuture.

The soundtrack was provided by: Khamelot

You can catch more of their work here:

Modus Interactive:




(This version of Future Reality is a proof of concept and not the final game. )


Download 83 MB


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My favorite game in the Demo Disc, looking forward for the complete game!


Checked this out on the 2022 PSX Demo Disc. Thought it might give me some Hydro Thunder vibes with horror elements. It did not. Controls feel super loose, like your skating along ice, which is odd when you're flying in the air. The button to repair the ship also brings up the pause menu, and that's when using a controller as recommended. Over all doesn't feel the best to play.

A ship racing game with horror-adjacent themes. Needs some work.

Hey! I played this in the Spectral Mall Demo Disc and included it in my roundup video. Starts around 5:12 (if you only want to see this game). Best of luck with the development!

Fantastic use of the PSX aesthetic, probably the best use I've seen of it outside the horror genre. The music fit the era really well too.

I'd love to see some sort of radar or map functionality in the final release, some of those pickups were very hard to find despite the small level.

played again, it's really cool, tho, why are so many engines using what appears to be  a soft-renderer for browser target.

Interesting control scheme. The aesthetic also reminds me of Zone of Enders 1, with the whole "fog to simulate city darkness" aesthetic that I love.

Will be neat to see how this goes.

Very cool, love the environment. Makes me wanna get a joystick :) Having that said , controls need a little work. But could be this game just shouldn't be played with a mouse. 

Looking forward to see a finished version.


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very nice, but mouse is too sensitive.

edit: ok I see I can set sensitivity. But there's a bug: while pressing WASD, mouse-steer is ignored. At least in brave browser.

This is so sick


Really cool.

A lot of unusual solutions and at the same time it turned out very cool. Interesting mechanics of object movement.

The air resistance seems to be almost non-existent, but there is a good combination of angular damping and stabilization. This is impossible in our world, as well as the absence of gravity, but there is a feeling that this ship from the future should fly exactly this way and in no other way.

Great game!

Super cool game! Wasn't expecting those inverted controls, glad there was an option to switch those!

Great work!!

Hey, I suggest making it so that when the right mouse button is held down, the craft rolls. This would feel way more natural (to me personally) than rolling with the A and D keys.

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The 11 year old me is squeeling in his WCW boxers, the year is 1999

No Commentary Full Demo


That was awesome!


Really great!!!! Can't praise you enough for this audio visuel piece of art.


Pretty dang cool.


Does anything happen if you collect all of the icons


You should be able to see the credits screen and then return to the game. This is a proof of concept version of the game, so limited functionality/goals are to be expected. There is going to be much more in the final version though!
Thanks for playing!


Thanks for making this!